Microblog 12

2023-11-20 | #felis #helix-editor #rust-lang

Let me introduce felis - https://git.vdx.hu/voidcontext/felis. Felis is a tool that meant to simplify the integration between the kitty terminal and the helix editor.

It all started when it turned out that the PR, that would add a file explorer to helix, is never going to be merged. I needed this functionality, and much more. So I started working on felis. It went through a few iterations, but over the weekend I achieved what I wanted: simple tasks have simple one-liner solutions instead of a bunch of shell scripts.

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Microblog 11

2023-10-06 | #lamina #nix #nixos #rust-lang

Ever wanted to synchronize the locked version of flake inputs between different projects / flakes? I have a solution for you! I’ve been working on https://git.vdx.hu/voidcontext/lamina-rs for a while. It doesn’t support every possible flake input, but it is in a good enough spot to share.

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Microblog 9

2023-09-30 | #nix #self-hosted #woodpecker-ci

Today’s achievement: I created a Woodpecker CI plugin, with nix pre-conifigured and attic (the client of the self-hosted nix binary cache) pre-installed. It’s using its own image to build itself. The image is built using nix. It is available at https://git.vdx.hu/voidcontext/woodpecker-plugin-nix-attic.

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