Microblog 15


I know we’re just at the beginning of this craze, but it already makes me annoyed and angry. The #AI bullshit that flows from everywhere is just sad. Everyone tries to be part of it, everyone tries to sell shit with “AI” stamped on it just because this is the new shiny thing (that makes money). In most of the cases it looks miserably desperate rather than innovative.

This bubble has “Blockchain 2.0” written all over it. A technology with narrow(ish) use case is sold as the Holy Grail. What have got out of blockchain? An internet scale casino in the form of crypto-currencies.

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Microblog 14

2024-06-14 | #babashka #clojure

I was on the hunt for a scripting language/solution, as a lot of the time I felt bash becomes unmaintainable after a certain complexity. I needed something after bash, but before Rust and Scala.

I had lots of experience with #Perl, but I don’t like its package management.

I am not too fond of python, and I only have a brief experience with it, and as far as I know package management isn’t too good either.

And that was when I came across babashka. I’ve used #Clojure to implement a web UI for a pet project before. At that time I also found it unmaintainable without sufficient test support, best practices. Especially when you need to pick it up again after almost a year. But for smaller scripts it might be a good choice!

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Microblog 13


Yesterday I played the “what’s the most complex way to deploy my static website?” game. This is what I got: when I push my hugo website’s code to #forgejo, #WoodpeckerCI picks it up and if there’s a new build version (stored in a file), it creates a matching tag in git. A different workflow picks up the tag and builds a container and pushes it back to forgejo (which acts as a container registry too).

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Microblog 12

2023-11-20 | #felis #helix-editor #rust-lang

Let me introduce felis - https://git.vdx.hu/voidcontext/felis. Felis is a tool that meant to simplify the integration between the kitty terminal and the helix editor.

It all started when it turned out that the PR, that would add a file explorer to helix, is never going to be merged. I needed this functionality, and much more. So I started working on felis. It went through a few iterations, but over the weekend I achieved what I wanted: simple tasks have simple one-liner solutions instead of a bunch of shell scripts.

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Microblog 11

2023-10-06 | #lamina #nix #nixos #rust-lang

Ever wanted to synchronize the locked version of flake inputs between different projects / flakes? I have a solution for you! I’ve been working on https://git.vdx.hu/voidcontext/lamina-rs for a while. It doesn’t support every possible flake input, but it is in a good enough spot to share.

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