Chronicles of Gloomhaven #1


After weeks of reading the rules and getting familiar with the game system, in the past few days finally got around to play this beast. It’s not like the rules are so complex, it’s more like time constraints of a busy working dad.

⚠️ Warning! There might be spoilers ahead! ⚠️

Day 1 - 2023-02-11

So we started with creating a party of 2 (the Skull Crackers), I picked the Quatrly Tinkerer (named Thraz) as my character, the other character is an Orchid Spellweaver (named Violet Storm). We followed the Scenario Book’s instructions for preparing to the first scenario by playing a City Event, which immediately made us lose 3 reputation. Then we went shopping for items (still following the Scenario Book’s instructions), when we realised that we cannot buy the suggested items, since we now need to pay more because of our bad reputation. We started the first scenario “empty handed”.

Scenario Attempt Result Comments
#1 - Black Barrow 1 failure
#1 - Black Barrow 2 success!

Day 2 - 2023-02-12

Since we collected some gold the previous day, we decided to travel back to Gloomhaven for shopping. This time both of us were able to buy the suggested items. Then we travelled to #2 - Barrow’s Lair.

Scenario Attempt Result Comments
#2 - Barrow’s Lair 1 failure After this failure we realised the flaws of our first strategy.

Day 3 - 2023-02-13

We learned a few things the previous day. It was time to put that knowledge into practice.

Scenario Attempt Result Comments
#2 - Barrow’s Lair 2 failure The amended strategy wasn’t bad… the execution wasn’t perfect though.
#2 - Barrow’s Lair 3 failure I don’t really have any good excuse this time, sorry.
#2 - Barrow’s Lair 4 success Finally, both the startegy and the execution was good enough to complete this scenario.

And with that we unlocked

  • #3 Inox Encampment (if we were to accept a new job from Jakserah)
  • #4 Crypt of the Damned (if we were to get nosy and would try to figure out what Jekserah’s up to)

After successfully completing the second scenario we travelled back to Gloomhaven to level up (both of us was able to get enough experience).

Day 3 - 2023-02-13

#4 - Crypt of the Damned sounded too scary (and the 3 failed attempt of the previous scenario still haunted us), so we accepted Jekserah’s next job and we left for #3 - Inox Encampment.

Scenario Attempt Result Comments
#3 - Inox Encampment 1 success We played this one safe, by not opening any suspicous doors, just waiting for the enemy to come to us and then just taking them one by one. It worked, although we haven’t explored much of the place.

After reading the conclusion we decided we’re not going to work for Jekerah anymore, and we’re going to follow the Quatryl City Guard instead.