Ongoing Projects


A cli tool written in Rust that gives additional functionality that are not officially supported by nix, e.g. syncing flake input definitions and locked versions between projects.

#nix #rust-lang


A website to track places you visited. The web UI is written in Rust and compiled to WebAssembly. The backend is written in Rust using the axum library.

#nix #rust-lang #web-assembly


A Magic: The Gathering TCG card inventory tracker, the frontend is written in Rust and compiled to WebAssembly, the backend in Scala 2 (cats, cats-effect, http4s, doobie, PostgreSQL).

#nix #rust-lang #scala #web-assembly


A high level layer on top of crane, that helps sharing best practices between my projects and reducing boilerplate.

#nix #rust-lang


A collection of high level compontents for

#rust-lang #web-assembly

nix config

My reproducible dev environments on macOS, and some NixOS boxes (2 VPS @ DigitalOcean, a Raspberry Pi 4, an old Asus notebook)

#nix #nixos #self-hosting

woodpecker plugins

#nix #woodpecker-ci

Parked projects


A streaming json decoder for Scala. Its main purpose is to efficiently parse and stream huge objects in a form of key value pairs.